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Hello, Hola, 你好, Salut!

I'm Manuel Pecina: professor, photographer, and multi media artist working with film, and digital arts in emerging media technologies. Thanks for visiting my online portfolio.

My latest endeavour The Ant Colony Gallery Space. The Ant Colony Gallery opened in December 2013 to provide an opportunity to artists entering the Dallas\Fort Worth art market. As an artist, I faced many hardships while attempting to exhibit art and I want to help fellow artists in their struggle. Founding the gallery on the principle that all artists, particularly emerging artists, are in need of enhancing their artist biographies/CV through gallery representation and exhibitions, in order to advance their artistic careers. Past projects include ASMP Dallas. If you have an interesting freelancing project, I'd love to hear from you. Otherwise, on any given day you can find me about, designing, creating, and producing whimsical sets for visual pleasures. If you are interested in viewing my bio or cv, well you know, just click the highlighted links.

Images in the gallery are available for sale and licensing. Please contact Manuel for details.


Wondering Why I Do What I Do When I Do?

Updated today = )

I'm currently working on a couple of projects involving Meso-American Deities, which are on display at the Kessler Theater. Also, we at The Ant Colony art collective recently explored the drawings of Artist Olive Gee Hellstrom at our gallery space in Oak Cliff, Texas. The Ant Colony Gallery is fresh art in a small, yet intimate and elegant fine art gallery of 1,300 square feet located in the heart of Oak Cliff along the X+75208, Tyler Street Corridor. Past exhibition spaces include the Dallas Museum of Art, This project involved visual translations of text via mobile phones which also exhibited at the Dallas Contemporary, and Pocket Film Festival at the George Pompidou Centre in Paris, France.



I have been working as a professional in web technologies, both full-time and freelance for the last seven years. During this time, I have worked and consulted clients ranging from artist and photographers to law firms.

I specialise in HTML, CSS development, and administration of J2EE IBM WebSphere Application, and Oracle's WebLogic Application Server. I also have skills in many other web technologies including: PHP, DreamWeaver, and Flash. Contact me for a free consultation.

Here are a some examples of my work.

Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo



I have a huge interest in photography. I am always interested in new & emerging technologies, along with the experimentation, and development of digital images using a combination of traditional and digital techniques.

My photographs have been published and in collection. Here are some photos from my recent work with portraiture, gallery shows, and Meso-American Deities. More of my work can be found on my Picasa page.

Studio Gonzo
Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo Studio Gonzo


Contact Me via email ---


You can also find me on tumblr, or twitter. There are several more networks, but to keep it simple, these are the ones most frequently used.

If you enjoy watching Internet Television go to kmap where I indulge my inner DJ and production skills to blend my ideas of music, art, and poetry into video narratives.

I am also experimenting with broadcasting a blend of music that I enjoyed during the punk "New Wave Era."